Rangeland Animals

Rangeland Plants & Animals Activity Rangeland Plants & Animals Activity Students will learn about rangelands, and the plants and animals that are found on rangelands. (211 KB)

Plant Classification Booklet Plant Classification Booklet Show's how to identify and categorize range plants by their flowers and leaves into the 4 categories: forbs, grass, shrubs, and grass-like. (940 KB)

Plant Collection & Press Guide Plant Collection & Press Guide A guide to collecting and pressing plants (66 KB)

Rangeland Animals (wild, feral, or domestic) PowerPoint Rangeland Animals (wild, feral, or domestic) PowerPoint This powerpoint can be used with part 3- (Animals on the Rangeland) in the "Rangeland Plants & Animals" Lesson. It covers wild, domesticated, and feral animals. (1684 KB)

Endangered Species Facts Endangered Species Facts This is an overview about the Endangered Species Act. Covering how it protects, how animals make the list and a variety of ESA Legal Terms. (303 KB)

Rangeland Animal & Plant Mural Lesson Rangeland Animal & Plant Mural Lesson A Science lesson where students will research and present about the plants and animals that inhabit Idaho's rangelands. The class will create a mural to hang in the classroom by drawing or constructing a picture of their plant or animal. (316 KB)

Rangeland Webquest Lesson Rangeland Webquest Lesson A Geography lesson where students research and present their facts on a type of rangeland (i.e.savannas, tundra, grassland, etc.) (301 KB)

Short Course on Rangelands Short Course on Rangelands A Science lesson about rangelands- this lesson is referenced specifically as background for the "Rangeland Poetry" lesson. It briefly covers the many aspects of rangelands; such as, multiple use, grazing, rangeland plants, importance of rangeland, and contemporary rangeland issues in Idaho. (30 KB)

Rangeland Poetry Lesson Rangeland Poetry Lesson A Language Arts lesson where students will take their knowledge of rangelands from the "Short Course on Rangelands" lesson and create a poem about rangelands, rangeland plants or the animals that live on rangelands. (244 KB)

All About Sheep All About Sheep This lesson is a scaffolding lesson on sheep, students will learn about wool, and look at sheep skull (herbivores) compared to a coyote skull (carnivore/predator). (125 KB)

Amazing Grazing Activity Amazing Grazing Activity A Social Studies, Nutrition, & Environmental Science lesson, where students learn about the efficient use of renewable resources to meet human needs. (656 KB)

We Adapt We Adapt A Science lesson where students will match a rangeland animal's adaptation to the animal. They will identify the purpose of different adaptations and match the animals adaptation to human tools and inventions that perform the same purpose. (789 KB)

Wildlife and Livestock Interactions Wildlife and Livestock Interactions (1376 KB)